Since hair loss is a polygenetic problem, you should know that if you are losing out your hair, then it is not the fault of your parents. There are a diverse number of internal and external factors that can lead you to the disastrous problem that we all reckon as hair loss. The environment also plays a vital role in the health of your hair and scalp, which is something that not everyone can take care of.

However, when we look at some other contributive factors, such as bad shampoos, physical stress, etc., you should know that these are the things that you can easily take charge of. These factors are something that not only damages the health and texture of the hair, but also leads your body and mind’s health towards destruction. Noticing extra strands on your comb or brush can be depressing for anyone, thus, you need to take note of the main culprit behind it.

Hair Care Don’ts:

• As much as you love to throw that towel on your wet hair to dry them out, don’t do it if you love your hair. Switch the towel with a regular t-shirt that is probably made up of a much softer fabric. Even if you rub your hair wildly with the tee, your hair will not be rubbed together harshly against the fabric, the way it does with a towel. Therefore, the volume remains the same.

• A regular visit to a good hair salon never hurts anyone. Paying a visit doesn’t mean that you are visiting solely for the purpose of getting your hair cut. Getting the recommendations of a professional always saves you from going that extra mile and saves you from spend a fortune to get rid of hair thinning or falling.

• Going aggressive with heat styling tools does more harm than good. Surely everyone wants to look their best and turn out with the best blow dry ever, but the impact it has later on not only leads you to experience weaker strands but also causes split ends. Make certain that you add an efficient serum to your routine that protects the hair from heat, so that the effect of the damage can be minimal.

The aforementioned points are the major habits that can ultimately originate hair fall, and should be prevented at all costs. In addition to that, your duty is to look for a proficient hair dresser, or a trichology center, that can address the root cause of hair loss and advice you accordingly. If, however, you are experiencing other issues along with hair fall, for instance scalp irritation, etc., then you should definitely get an appointment to discover what is going on inside your body.

Trial and error should only be done if you possess voluminous hair. Another thing that you can do is to simplify your hair regimen if you want to minimize the damage and the density of the hair that is falling out.